Greetings from Fenton!

March 11, 2007

Welcome to my blog. This is my place to let you know what’s up with us & me.  I’ll post info and photos of our house project, my music, our kids, Janice’s realty, my bike etc.  This is more a place for family and friends to keep in touch rather than the general public but I’ll try not to say anything too personal. 🙂

Our house is nearing completion! (Well, sorta…)  We officially have all our inspections except the final and that is 90% complete.  The inspector wants to see the covering of the underside of the roof over the back porch (remember, “back” is “street-side” here) and then he will sign off on the house.  I hope we’ll complete that in the next couple weeks.

We started on the basement.  Todd (our carpenter) built some shelves and a new workbench for me in the bigger of the two rooms downstairs.  We still have some work to do in there but it is coming along nicely.  In the studio, we built the enclosures for the speaker cabinets.  These are the big concrete cabinets that many of you have seen.  I mounted up two 18″ speakers last week and I have been doing some testing over the last few days.  I’m trying to get a software program for testing speakers to work on my computer so as soon as I make that work, I’ll show you some actual plots of the low frequency response of my gigantic speakers.  For now, trust me – they go down to 15 Hz!  I’ll write another entry later to tell more details of these speakers.

Concrete Speakers

Well, that’s enough for tonight. The clock goes back tonight and I have already lost an hour of sleep that I really need and we have church in the AM.



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