Paint for the new GDS shop!

April 16, 2007

Yesterday we painted the shop in the basement of the addition.  I may add some colour later but for now the white is nice, clean and bright.   We haven’t pulled the plastic off the desk or the lighting panel yet because we have yet to epoxy the floor.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll get to that.  The drops on each side of the workbench are airlines.  There is also an airline drop in the ceiling that isn’t in this photo.  There are doors for the shelves on the right but we removed those for painting.  We will also build a pair of doors for the storage access to the right of the lighting panel.


The J-shaped workbench is nearly finished.  It grew beyond the original scope of being a simple, 2×4 workbench.  When we finished the formica top which was the one thing I did want to be nice (flat and clean so I could see small resistors and so that those small resistors wouldn’t constantly roll off onto the floor), I realised I had lots of oak trim leftover from the trimwork we did upstairs so we trimmed out the workbench with that oak.  We had to buy one more sheet of 1/4″ oak plywood but that stuff is pretty cheap.  Now it is a gorgeous oak workbench that would almost be suitable for a boardroom as much as a basement workshop.  The next photo of the desk will be after we remove the plastic and stain the oak.

desk01.jpg  desk02.jpg

More later…  GDS


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