GDS Amps 1-day 18W amplifier building seminar

April 25, 2007

GDS Amplification is holding a one-day amp building seminar at our shop in Flint Michigan on Saturday May 26. During this seminar, you will build a GDS 18W kit from start to finish. I will be there to assist and answer questions and teach you how to do it properly. You will be guaranteed to leave with a working GDS 18W amp by the end of the day. You have the option of building a full size 18W with tremolo or TMB. The cost of the course would be the same for each option but the combo kit would be a little cheaper.  Lunch and refreshments/snacks will be provided.  I may even take my espresso machine – free espresso/cappuccino/coffee all day long!

Cost for the kit would be discounted a little from the prices listed on my website. With the cost of the seminar, the overall cost would be slightly higher than just buying a kit but you would get the assistance to build it right in my shop. Transportation to and from our shop would be your responsibility. If anyone wants to come in on Friday night before, I can arrange for discounted hotel rooms and we could probably have a small get-together/greet-n-meet on Friday night.

All tools and soldering equipment would be provided with the option of buying the tools to keep. Of course you would be welcome to bring your own tools too if you wish.

I can accommodate up to 10 people max if there is enough interest. There is a nice airport here in Flint if anyone wants to fly in. We can pick you up at the airport.

The cost will be as follows, depending on which kit you wish to build:

  • 18W Combo – $950
  • 18W Head – $1000 


  • Seminar and instruction on site at GDS Amps shop for one day
  • Lunch (this is going to be good!)
  • 18W kit

  • Full assembly manual

  • Does not include cabinet or speakers 

Special deals will be available for cabinets:

  • 18W head cabinet – $200
  • 18W Combo cabinet – $300 (may be able to do better on these) 

Email me if you are interested.  -GDS


One comment

  1. So how’d the amp seminar go?

    [GDS-The seminar went really well. We saw 4 amplifiers completed and running. The fifth is a local, so he’s coming over to my place to finish up his amp. All students seemed to enjoy the day. The food was great, and the discussion was friendly. We’re hoping to do another seminar in August or September. Stay Tuned… GDS]

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