Concrete Horns for Concrete Speakers

July 4, 2007

The exponential horns in my new home theatre speaker system are beginning to take shape in concrete.  We formed and poured the right side horn yesterday and today I removed the forms to reveal a beautifully formed concrete exponential horn, attached to the right side main speaker cabinet.  The top of each horn half needs to be finished since we had to reserve a small area to pour the wet concrete into the formed up horns, but that is a small matter of some hand trowel work with some fairly dry concrete.

This is the left horn with some foam in place to space out the backside of the concrete.  This was simply so I could use 3 bags of concrete on each horn half instead of 12.

horns-005m.jpg   horns-002m.jpg

The second photo shows the forms in place as we poured the concrete.  The concrete is approximately 5 – 6 inches thick from the foam to the surface of the horns.  And, this is what it looks like with the forms removed.


Next, we’ll build the left side, finish the edges to make it look nice and then we’ll move on to the new cabinet baffles.    Stay tuned….     GDS


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