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Concrete Horns work!

August 24, 2007

Take a look at these concrete horns.  We painted them black and reinstalled the new speaker baffles.  I added a steel pipe brace from the back wall of the concrete cabinets to the backside of the baffle (that is my buddy, Scott inside the cabinet!) and then installed all of the drivers.  The system is now operational with the concrete exponential horns and it works great.  The response is much more linear now and extends down to 15Hz.  I hope to hook up my PC very soon and do some measurements so that I can do some fine tweaks and adjustments to make the system more linear, in phase, properly timed, etc.

img_1278m.jpg img_1282m.jpg img_1279m.jpg img_1285m.jpg

We also added pine board walls to the hallway that goes between the studio and the workshop.  You can see these in the last photo above.

More to come…  stay tuned  –  GDS


Speaker progress and wall prep

August 9, 2007

This week, we added some 2x4s to the walls to mount the acoustic panels.  We mounted electrical boxes for AC outlets, wall sconce light fixtures and panels for Mic inputs to the rack and a projector interface panel.  All of the stainless wall plates will come from Semtron who is the authority on custom stainless wall plates.  We also stuffed the concrete cabinets in preparation for installation of the gigantic speaker baffles.  The screen arrived in fine shape so we can work on the mounts to install the screen up in the joists of the ceiling above.

theatre-026m.jpg  theatre-028m.jpg

Later, GDS


Floor epoxy in theatre room

August 7, 2007

Last weekend we epoxied the floor in the theatre room to match the shop.  I intend to install hardwood eventually but this cleans the room for now and also seals in moisture to protect the hardwood.  It also has a huge side benefit of forcing us to clean the room and that reduced the dust enormously.

 The contrast between the walls and the floor make it much easier to see the details of the speaker cabinets now.

theatre-015m.jpg theatre-019.jpg

Next we will stuff the cabinets with fibreglass and reinstall the new speaker baffles.  Then we can wire up the drivers again for (hopefully) the final time and fire it up to see how well the horns work.

The Owens-Corning 703 acoustic panels should be here this week so we will begin applying those to the concrete walls very soon.  The 109″ diagonal acoustically transparent screen from should be arriving this week as well as a new Oppo Digital 981-HD upscaling, multiformat DVD player.  The screen will be installed in the ceiling just in front of the speakers.  The projector (Sharp XV-Z2000 720p) arrived last week, so as soon as I build a ceiling mount, I’ll work on mounting that as well.  I ordered some Canare wire to make component video cables and I’ll probably also run an HDMI cable from the Oppo DVD player to the projector.

Hopefully, the room will really begin to take shape in the next few weeks.

 Stay tuned…       GDS