Concrete Horns work!

August 24, 2007

Take a look at these concrete horns.  We painted them black and reinstalled the new speaker baffles.  I added a steel pipe brace from the back wall of the concrete cabinets to the backside of the baffle (that is my buddy, Scott inside the cabinet!) and then installed all of the drivers.  The system is now operational with the concrete exponential horns and it works great.  The response is much more linear now and extends down to 15Hz.  I hope to hook up my PC very soon and do some measurements so that I can do some fine tweaks and adjustments to make the system more linear, in phase, properly timed, etc.

img_1278m.jpg img_1282m.jpg img_1279m.jpg img_1285m.jpg

We also added pine board walls to the hallway that goes between the studio and the workshop.  You can see these in the last photo above.

More to come…  stay tuned  –  GDS


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